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At Driven Metalworks, we specialize in cutting edge, challenging, one-off builds.  Our open outlook and modern approach lead to innovative solutions that solve the problem ahead of schedule and under budget.  Safety and functionality are our top priorities.  Our knowledge of industrial automation allows us to outperform our competition on unique and challenging builds.  Our understanding of industrial communication protocols, data handling, servo systems, robotics, machine vision, PLC/PAC programming, and mechanical design allow us to complete a wide array of projects.  We work with a wide variety of vendors and are open to working with any brands you may prefer.  When you take engineers with a passion for automation and remove the shackles of convention, you will be doing what others said was impossible in no time. That is exactly what we do at Driven.


  • PLC/HMI Programming

  • Machine Vision

  • Robotics

  • Motor Control and VFD's

  • Drilling/Tapping Machines

  • Laser Marking Integration and Enclosures

  • Remote Monitoring/Remote Access 

  • NDT Integration

  • Inline Inspection and Measurement 

  • Consulting


“The ability to see the big picture is everything in automation.  Customer needs and expectations need to be fully understood prior to laying out a cell or machine. Next, you need to have an understanding of how all of the elements of the system interact.  By being able to design a mechanical system while knowing how it will need to be programmed, knowing the limitations of the motion control system, and understanding what communication protocols are available between these systems… This is what allows for innovative solutions.  If you want 10% improvement, you can deploy a similar solution with newer hardware. If you want 10X improvement, you need to rethink the way things are done.”  


Logan Shirey, Owner/Product Engineer

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