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Fabrication services are a core function at Driven Metalworks. We offer all of the services you would expect from a fabrication shop. Supporting our fabrication service is extensive engineering, product development, and supplemental machining. We have experience ranging from large scale industrial projects to consumer-level fabrication work. When you pair fabrication skills with engineering and machining capabilities, the results speak for themselves. We are able to implement processes and techniques that a simple fabrication shop cannot offer. Our customers can come to us with an idea or simple sketch, and we will make it happen. Projects that require engineering, extensive design requirements, and prototyping are our specialty. We communicate with the customer every step of the way to produce the best end result possible.  


  • Full Project Fabrication- Components, Structures, Machine Guarding, Machine Fixtures, Equipment Modification, Repairs, Production Runs

  • Pipe Welding 

  • CNC Plasma Cutting 

  • MIG Welding - Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum

  • TIG Welding - Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum

  • CNC Press Brake Bending 88 Ton Capacity  8' width 


''The customer's end goals and expectations are the most important aspects of a job. When you are able to comprehensively understand how a fabricated part is going to be used, the customer receives a better product every time. Most fabrication facilities build it to the print and ship it out the door with little consideration for how the part will be used. I believe a higher level of understanding what the customer needs is what sets us apart from the rest.''   


Lucas Edmonds, Owner/Business Unit Leader

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